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Top 5 Reasons to Manage Your Idea Pipeline Alongside Your Sales Pipeline

What goals do you and your colleagues in management have for your company? If you’re serious about growing your business, ideation shouldn’t be something you do by the by. Brainstorming every now and then is not a recipe for refining your offering and attaining creative success. Idea generation should be a consistent and formalised part of back-end operations.

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Welcome Dansk Kyst- og Naturturisme

The organisation “Danish Coastal and Nature Tourism” is now strengthening its focus on innovation in tourism in Denmark.
In early 2019, the launch of an offensive will be, where many new ideas for Danish tourism will get air under the wings.

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Welcome UCN

We would like to say welcome to UCN Innovation, who now use PRE.DO as an innovation tool. We are looking very much forward to working together! Read more about why UCN uses PRE.DO.

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PRE.DO at Nibe Festival

Nibe Festival focuses on innovation all year round and for that they use PRE.DO. Listen to the B2B Sales and Marketing Manager, Thomas Bruun talk about it and read more on our case page.

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NORDJYSKE skriver en artikel om PRE.DO: Første-hjælp til gode ideer

First Aid for good ideas – NORDJYSKE May 27th 2018

“There is no shortage of ideas in Northern Denmark. They are lurking everywhere – simply waiting to get picked up.”

NORDJYSKE Media – The leading news paper in Northern Denmark – finds our message so important that it needs to be distributed to all companies in Denmark. This has made them write an entire page about it in todays Sunday paper.

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