Use PRE.DO to work on ideas and innovation on the go and in the office.

Capture, edit, discuss and share your ideas with colleagues, customers or anyone you find relevant.

Get insights, overview and momentum on innovation!

The PRE.DO platform

Why use PRE.DO?

PRE.DO is a tool that will help you from the beginning of the thought process around an idea to presenting a well-defined concept. You can begin by easily capturing your idea through the feature that is most convenient to you or by simply adding it to the platform.

Then you continue by defining your idea. You will be able save your progress and add details to your idea whenever it’s most convenient for you.

The tool will help you prioritize your ideas by effort and impact.

You have full access to the platform from your computer in your browser, combined with an app that you can use to capture ideas on the go.

Build, discuss and share with your team

Do you have a team subscription? Then you can always invite other members of your team to join your idea.

Are you a team leader? Be on top of the idea work in your team. You can always manage your team’s ideas and progress in the tool.

Finally, after working your idea into a concept, PRE.DO will turn your concept into a presentation so you don’t have to worry about wasting time creating presentations for your boss, business partner or investor.

It’s that easy!

Capture your ideas on the go

In a world where we’re always on the move, good ideas can easily be forgotten. As convenient as it sounds, you won’t often get the best ideas while you’re sitting in front of the computer.

The best ideas might come when you’re walking the dog, when you have an inspiring conversation with someone or maybe even when you’re at a party.

Because we value and we understand how great ideas come while you’re on the go, we continuously invest in easy idea capturing methods. 

Capturing ideas has never been easier: do it easily through our PRE.DO app.

Just add a title and description and you’re good to go. Your idea will be saved and you can work on it further whenever you want to from your computer.




E-mail your ideas

Make sure you don’t forget your ideas! You can easily capture them by mailing them to


Alone or in teams

You can work alone on your ideas, but you can also collaborate with colleagues or customers in teams. If you work in teams you can also get access to extra team-specific features.


Idea maturing

In PRE.DO you will find a number of tools that guide you 360 degrees around the ideas. Get an overview of e.g. schedule, users, marketing and value.



Through PRE.DO you can ensure the momentum needed for your ideas to move from the idea stage to execution. You do this through the PRE.DO dashboard for team leaders.



You don’t have to spend time making a Power Point presentation of your idea. PRE.DO automatically generates a digital presentation of the content you have already added to the idea.


Invite & Discuss

Invite colleagues, customers, guests or your whole team in on your idea. It strengthens the quality of your idea. You can also discuss the ideas directly in PRE.DO.

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